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Brought to you by executive producers Greg and Gavin O’connor (WARRIOR) THE SMASHING MACHINE is a feature-length documentary film chronicling troubled MMA superstar Mark Kerr, as he attempts to navigate the exotic and unregulated sub-cultures that surround the sport of mixed martial-arts. Through unfettered access, the likes of which would never be possible today, the film presents a raw and gut-wrenching portrait of a man battling personal demons both inside and outside of the ring.

THE SMASHING MACHINE premiered at the 2003 Tribeca Film Festival, where it was acquired by Sheila Nevins and later aired as a part of the critically acclaimed documentary series HBO: AMERICA UNDERCOVER. Over the past fifteen years, as the popularity of MMA has exploded, all rights to the film have been left to lapse (including streaming rights which have never been exploited at all). In that same time period, THE SMASHING MACHINE has grown into a cult-classic, widely regarded by MMA enthusiasts as the best film ever made on the subject.  

“The Smashing Machine is some of the most brutal ‘sports entertainment’ ever documented, without herding the viewer into a moralistic pen."

- Scott Foundas, Variety



Mark Kerr recounts the brutal and anxiety-provoking circumstances surrounding his first mixed martial-arts fight. 

Kerr reveals his massive opiate addiction; a personal struggle that wreaks havoc on his life and career throughout the film. 

With the debilitating effects of his addiction mounting, Kerr travels to Japan and loses the biggest fight of his career.